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    Special Edition Paul Garmirian
Paul Garmirian

Paul Garmirian is best known in the USA for his successful cigar brand PG's. He also authored a book on gourmet cigars - "The Gourmet Guide to Cigars" by Dr. Paul B. Garmirian. In 1997 he created 2 lighters together with ST Dupont bearing his name engraved on top of their lids. The first lighter is executed in black Chinese lacquer with red accents and gold trim - limited edition of only 300 pieces, the second is made of beautiful and rare ivory-white Chinese lacquer with red accents and gold trims - a limited edition of 500 pieces. Both lighters bear Paul's signature on the
lid and are individually numbered on the bottom. The lighters were exclusively distributed by Doctor Garmirian himself and are completely sold out.

Paul Garmirian White Lighter

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